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Award Honorees

2024 Award Honorees

Congratulations to our 2024 Award Honorees!

We are incredibly grateful for each one of you, the amazing work you've done over the year(s), and your continued commitment to our mission. ACA Illinois could not do the awesome, transformative work that we do without you!

Susan E. Rochlis Lifetime Achievement Award

*Previously the Special Recognition for Lifetime Achievement Award

Gordie Kaplan

Emerging Professional Award

Hannah Long

Lily Paukstys

Marcy & Bob Brower Award

for Innovative & Intentional Professional Development

Shauna Guglielmo

Annie Labus-Sylvain

Shauna Guglielmo

Annie Labus-Sylvain

Visitor of the Year Award

Megan Owens, Ph.D.

Gordon E. Kaplan Award for Program Excellence

SRCA Virtual Day Camp Program

From top left to bottom left: Gordie Kaplan, Hannah Long, Lily Paukstys, Shauna Guglielmo, Annie Labus-Sylvain, Megan Owens, Ph.D., SRCA Virtual Day Camp Program

Past Honorees

Susan E. Rochlis Lifetime Achievement Award

The Susan E. Rochlis Award for Lifetime Achievement is the pinnacle of recognition within ACA Illinois and the broader camp community. With its stringent requirements of 30 years of leadership and service to ACA Illinois, coupled with 25 years or more dedicated to the camp community, it truly highlights individuals who have devoted a substantial portion of their lives to advancing the goals and values of the American Camp Association, Illinois.

Receiving such an award acknowledges the individual's long-term commitment and signifies their exceptional contributions and impact over the years. It's a testament to their enduring dedication, leadership, and positive influence on their peers, colleagues, and the community at large.

Gordie Kaplan, 2024

Marcy & Bob Brower Award for Innovative & Intentional Professional Development 

The Marcy and Bob Brower Award for Innovative and Intentional Professional Development is given by ACA Illinois to a person, camp, organization, or group that demonstrates commitment and intention for creating or implementing Innovative Professional Development space, programs, or services.

Shauna Guglielmo, 2024

Annie Labus-Silvain, 2024

Chris Rehs-Dupin, 2022

Jolly Corley, 2019

Travis Allison, 2018

Jack Schott, 2017

Laura Kreigel, 2017

Camp Stomping Ground, 2017

Michael Brandwein, 2016

Colette Marquardt, 2016

Gordie Kaplan, 2015

YMCA Camp Benson, 2014

​Camp Bethel Horizons, 2013

Camp Eagle Ridge, 2013

Swift Nature Camp, 2013

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is the second highest honor given by ACA Illinois, awarded to individuals who have given outstanding leadership and service to our association for at least ten years.

The following honorees have demonstrated outstanding service, going above and beyond expected volunteer commitment; are actively ongoing in their service; and participate(d) in our Board of Directors as either an executive or committee member:

Mike Selep, 2023

Dan King, 2022

​Michael Brandwein, 2020

Sandra "Sam" Thompson, 2016

K Dale Adkins, 2014

Mark Burkhardt, 2010

Cathola HIll, 2010

Jack Thomas, 2006

Susan Rochlis, 2004

Gordie Kaplan, 2002

Elaine Finnegan, 2001

Russell Hogrefe, 1999

Bob Brower, 1997

Marcy Brower, 1996

Katheryn Heidrich, 1995

Virginia Spiller, 1994

​Robert Chorley, 1994

Emerging Professional Award

The Emerging Professional Award is given by ACA Illinois to honor an outstanding emerging professional in the camp profession with ten or less years of full-time service.

Hannah Long, 2024

Lily Paukstys,  2024

Megan Lynch, 2023

George Pascoulis, 2023

Laura Harres, 2022

Mark Feldman, 2022

Shauna Guglielmo, 2020

Stacy Harper, 2020

Kimberly Steiner, 2019

Gwyneth Emigh, 2019

Hanna O'Toole, 2016

Kimberly Steiner, 2019

Karen Hedden, 2015

Bryce Post, 2014

Jessica Brenner, 2014

Jessica Stachulak, 2013

Colette Marquardt, 2012

​Cathi Fabjance, 2010

​Beth Brodzeller, 2009

Judith Stanton, 2008

Kevin Gordon, 2008

Sabrina Hirschfeld, 2007

Jill Rudolph, 2007

DJ Newport, 2006

Graham Little, 2005

Kurt Podeszwa, 2002

Laura Galindo, 2001

​David Leveron, 1998

Gordie Kaplan Award for Program Excellence

The Program Excellence Award is given by ACA Illinois to honor programs that develop effective, creative responses to the needs of people and/or societal problems using the camp environment; to encourage continued development of such ideas; to stimulate the exchange of creative ideas; and to present to the public examples of positive contributions camp has made to the well-being of individuals and society.

SRCA Camp Fire Side Virtual Day Camp Program, 2024

Association of Horizon, 2023

Holiday Home Camp, 2022

Tourette Syndrome Camp, 2019

Camp One In A Hundred, 2017

The Road Less Traveled, 2016

Northwestern Settlement House:

House in the Wood, 2015

JCYS Camp Red Leaf, 2014

Harand Camp for the Theatre Arts, 2013

Brookfield Zoo Day Camp, 2013

Skokie Park District, 2012

Crystal Lake Park District, 2010

​YMCA Camp Duncan, 2010

Camp Care A Lot, 2009

​YMCA North Lawndale, 2008

​Student Camp Leadership Academy, 2007

Heritage YMCA Group Day Camp, 2006

ADA, 2005

Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois: Bright Horizons, 2002

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance:

Camp I Am Me, 2002

Chicago Camping Committee, 1999

Honor Award

The Honor Award is given to honor individuals for meritorious service to the camp profession and ACA Illinois. Honorees must be a current or former member of ACA, and have served in camp programs for at least ten years.

Gwyneth Emigh, 2023

​Shena Willbrandt, 2022

Hanna O'Toole, 2020

Michael Selep, 2020

Jeanette Marnholtz, 2019

Susan Chansey, 2017

Michael Brandwein, 2014

Sabrina Hirschfield, 2013

Catherine Curry, 2012

Michael Hoffenberg, 2009

Dayna Hardin, 2008

DJ Newport, 2008

Heidi Strand, 2007

Dr. Sandra Hupp, 2006

Sandra "Sam" Thompson, 2004

Toby Cohen Litin, 2002

Kim Kiser, 2002

Mark Burkhardt, 2001

William Will, 1999

Jack Thomas, 1999

Susan Rochlis, 1999

Richard Mertz, 1998

​Elaine Finnegan, 1997

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is given by ACA Illinois to honor groups, organizations, or individuals, such as parents, volunteers and/or board members, for their efforts to advance the value of the camp profession.

Dr. Christopher Wangard, 2022

Illinois Department of Public Health, 2022

Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, 2022

Margy Moore, 2020

Ruby Compton, 2019

Gabrielle Raill, 2019

Beth Allison, 2019

Stacy Harper, 2019

Kimberly Steiner, 2019

Colette Marquardt, 2019

Susan Rochlis, 2019

Marcy Brower, 2017

Bob Brower, 2017

The Mid States Camp Conference

​Steering Committee, 2017

​Rosalind Dirks, 2009

Susan Hicks, 2006

Dayna Hardin, 2005

Mary Walker, 2004

​David Schwartzwald, 2004

Jennifer Edwards, 2003

Dale Estes, 2003

Bonita Ghess, 2003

Mary Beth Ryan, 2003

Branda Brown, 2003

Cathleen Trudelle, 2003

Pat Metz, 2003

Kim Hogrefe, 2003

​JoAnn Zimmerman, 2002

Kathy Holland, 2002

Tom Masloski, 2001

Leonard Lieberman, 2001

Theresa Nagel, 1999

​Delores Moses, 1999

Megan Owens, Ph.D., 2024

Sandra "Sam" Thompson, 2023

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