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Welcome to ACA Illinois!

We Went to Camp, Shouldn't You?
Emma Roberts, Hill Harper, Lisa Loeb, Kerri Strug, Michael DeLorenzo, Justin Chambers, Paul Adelstein, James Pickens, Blair Underwood, Sharon Lawrence, Frank Sesno, Glynn Turman, Ashlan Gorse, and Lisa Raye share how their lives have changed Because of Camp.

Campership Funding Program Forms
June FY 15 & July/Aug. FY 15


Effective immediately the following changes must apply during an application intake process.

A Potential camper must reside in Illinois and indicate to you that they qualify for any ONE of the following:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or,
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (previously known as Food Stamps) or,
  • Medical Services

Any Identification Numbers (Case or Individual Client ID#) are NO LONGER NEEDED and cannot be included on applications for Title XX Campership, Billing and Camper Reports.

ACA IL Campership Funds

ACA IL supports these funds which help to send many children to camp, who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Russell W. Hogrefe Fresh Start Fund

  • ACA IL designates funds to send children in need from families with a working parent
  • 100 % of donations are used for camperships. No administrative fees are taken from this fund.
  • More about Russell W. Hogrefe Fresh Start
  • ACA IL partnership project with the Cook County Juvenile Court and the Chicago Police Department. Provides at-risk and adjudicated youth a variety of appropriate camp experiences
  • More about Chicago Camping Committee
  • Summer Camp Opportunities Provide an Edge Assists agencies, shelters, and counseling centers send to children in need to camp
  • More about SCOPE Midwest
  • Nationwide community of 7,000 camp professionals who have joined together to share knowledge and experience
  • More about ACA National/Annual Fund


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