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4th Annual ACA Illinois 

Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

Thursday, 11/16/23 @ 8pm through Monday, 11/20/23 @ 8pm

Seller's Toolkit Overview

Thank you for supporting ACA Illinois and helping us send kids to camp with our 4th Annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser on Friday, November 16, 2023 through Monday, November 20, 2023. This year our community is continuing to raise funds that support our mission: to give more young people the camp experience. ACA Illinois actively sends over 4,000 kids to camp each summer through our various programs; a goal that would be impossible without the support of generous donors and fundraising volunteers like yourself!

To support you in your fundraising efforts, we’ve created a Sellers Toolkit that includes helpful tips, social media post samples, graphics, and an email template below that you can use to promote this year’s Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser.

*Important Reminder: on any social media or email marketing you utilize to get folks to purchase popcorn, you’ll need to include your personal Seller’s Link so people can buy from you!!!

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How to Participate

Step 1: Download the app.

Step 2: Build your Popcorn Pop-Up Store!                                   Be prepared with a photo to upload into your store. You can use one of yourself or one of the images provided below. During your store set-up, you'll also be asked to select a fundraising goal for yourself.

Step 3: Once in your shop, you can edit and update you need!

You can even put in a personal message to your shoppers on why you are raising funds for ACA Illinois.

Step 4: Share your store through the fundraising link.

In your Pop Up Store, you will see a black button that will allow you to share the link on your social media, via text messages, and email.

Step 5: Create your own messaging or use the samples below to share your "Why" with your shop link online.

We've even provided images for you to use!

Step 6: Set reminders for yourself to make posts at least once a day at different times of the day and evening to promote your store.

Remind folks that the shop is only open for 4 days!

Step 7: That's it!

Now the folks in your social circles can shop for popcorn while helping you raise funds to help send kids to camp! You'll get notifications and be able to see your shop's progress in real time. We encourage you to send off simple "Thank You" messages via messenger, text, or emails as you see donations come in.

Download the App

You can easily use your smart phone to boost your sales! Download the app and you'll be able to share your link on your social media channels.

Link to Double Good App in Apple Store (iPhone)

Link to Double Good App in Google Store (Android) 

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Social Media Images

Social Media Hashtags to Use





Direct Donations

We know not everyone loves popcorn as much as we do, which is why we offer the option to make a direct donation. We recommend you include the following paragraph and link in your posts: 

"Folks can donate online here or mail a check to our office. Checks should be written out to ACA Illinois and can be mailed to:

American Camp Association, Illinois

PO Box 5412, Evanston, IL 60204

Questions about making donations can be directed to Colette Marquardt, Chief Executive Office, at". 

How to be a Successful Seller

Here are some helpful suggestions from our past top Sellers: 

Create a plan of action for who you’re going to sell to. This could be coworkers, professional contacts, and family. You can contact folks using email, text and/or social media!

Build a hype! It’s all about building excitement and the mission. Folks that you ask to purchase popcorn should know that their money is supporting sending kids to camp, and that they ALSO get the extra benefit of tasty popcorn!

Use “corny” puns to engage folks on social media or via text.

Encouraging them several times throughout the sale with a “corny” joke, or mentioning how they can use their popcorn can be helpful. A few of our favorite ideas include:
    • Teacher Appreciation Gift: Tape your favorite gift card to a bag of corn and BOOM; instant teacher appreciation gift!
    • College Student Care Package: Did you know that popcorn is super light weight to ship? It also makes a great late night study snack before finals. 
    • Holiday Potluck: No time to shop or prepare food for an upcoming potluck? Break out the popcorn!
    • Stocking Stuffers: For those celebrating Christmas, a small bag of popcorn fits conveniently into a stocking. 
    • Delivery Person Gift: For those hardworking delivery folks at UPS, FedEx and Amazon; a popcorn thank you is also an on-the-go snack in between their stops. 

Review our “How to Do an Ask” section of this Toolkit, which offers tips and a sample of how to ask someone to purchase popcorn.

How to Do an Ask

Whether you’re sending out an email, posting on social media or making a phone call, being successful in your “Ask” is more likely when you follow these three suggestions:

Make It Personal. While you can certainly use our email, phone and social media samples, people are more likely to buy when it’s personal. So we encourage you to create messages with a personal connection or story to increase the likelihood of making a sale. This could be a personal testimony or impact story to stand out to your audience. Highlight a shared connection or interest you have with the person you’re sending an email to, or share an impactful story of a camper you served.

Make It Relatable. Avoid camp jargon and terms that your audience might not understand. For example, if you refer to ACA, make sure to say American Camp Association (ACA) the first time you mention the agency. You can always ask a non-camp friend or colleague to review your message before sending or posting to make sure there are no other “camp words” that may cause them to lose interest or connection to your message.

Make it Friendly and Simple. Your message should be as brief, meaningful and concise as possible. Include the basic information you need to convey your message clearly, but refrain from overly detailed stories or a combative tone to convince someone about the impact and need for camp. Stick to your personal connection, testimonial or impact story and a personable approach.

Sample Asks

Camp Pro to a Parent or Close Family Friend

Hey [Insert Name],

You know what a big impact camp has had on me and my life. Well, this year I’ve decided to not only work at camp, but to help give more kids a camp experience! I’m fundraising for the American Camp Association, Illinois, an awesome agency that not only helps send kids to camp, but also provides pretty cool professional development opportunities for me and other camp professionals. Can you show your support by either donating directly, or purchasing Double Good Popcorn? 100% of all the proceeds that ACA Illinois receives goes directly to sending kids to camp!”

Camp Pro to an Important Contact (Board Member, Vendor, Etc.)

Hi [Insert Name],

I wanted to thank you again for partnering with our mission. As a trusted vendor/partner, I wanted to reach out to tell you about our Double Good Popcorn sale benefiting ACA Illinois. This is a great way for any company to support the mission of ACA Illinois while also getting a tasty gift. If you provide holiday gifts to VIP clients, I invite you to check this sale out. Not only is it easy and affordable; it’s a triple win: 1)Your client gets their holiday gift, 2) You get to send that gift in a simple step, and 3) You put funds right back into the community. Let me know if you have any questions!

Sample Emails to Use

Sample Email 1

Hello [NAME HERE],

As you know, camp has had a huge impact on my life; one may even say that camp changed my life. This year, I’m joining ACA Illinois in their 4th Annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser, which helps to send kids in Illinois to camp. I’d love it if you could participate in some way, either by purchasing popcorn from the fundraiser through my fundraisers page (include link here), or by directly donating to ACA Illinois at

ACA Illinois receives 50% of the sales of the popcorn and all funds raised through the fundraiser will directly support their ability to provide camp opportunities to Illinois youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Thank you so much for your compassion and support in a cause near and dear to my heart,


Sample Email 2


I hope that you and your family are doing well and enjoying the cool weather we’ve been having! Work has been keeping me busy but I’m happy to say my family has been staying healthy.

I’m reaching out to you because I’m working with ACA Illinois and their 4th Annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser, which helps to send kids in Illinois to camp. You know how much camp has changed my life, so I wanted to ask if you’d be interested in participating, either by purchasing popcorn from the fundraiser through my fundraisers page (include link here) or by directly donating to ACA Illinois at

All the funds raised through the fundraiser directly support ACA Illinois’ in providing camp opportunities to Illinois youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Last year I bought some popcorn for myself and my family, and some to give away as gifts; everybody loved it!

It would also mean a lot if you could share my fundraiser link on social media or forward this email on to folks you think may be interested. The more exposure I get, the faster I’ll reach my fundraising goal, and the more kids I can help send to camp.

Thanks for taking the time to support this worthy cause!

Talk to you soon,


Sample Social Media Posts

Posting on whatever social media platforms you’re familiar with is one of the best ways to reach your fundraising goal. Here are a few suggested posts and/or script ideas for you to use; we encourage you to take a sample post and add your voice to it. Each platform works a little differently so use whichever one(s) you’re comfortable and familiar with.

Important Reminder: on any social media or email marketing you utilize to get folks to purchase popcorn, you’ll need to include your Fundraiser Link so people can buy from you!!!

Sample Post 1                                                                                   “Hey Friends and Family: I’m excited to be supporting ACA Illinois in their 4th  Annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser November 16-20. The best part of this fundraiser isn’t the delicious popcorn you’ll get or “all the feels” for supporting an awesome agency; it’s that your purchase helps to send kids to camp! My personal goal is $X, so buy some popcorn and help me reach that number today!

It would also mean a lot if you could share my fundraiser link on social media. The more exposure I get, the faster I will reach my fundraising goal, and the more kids we can send to camp.”

Sample Post 2                                                                                       

“You all know how camp changed my life? You can help change lives by sending a kid to camp when you purchase popcorn from ACA Illinois’ 4th Annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser! You got 4 days to get some of the best popcorn around and use your $$$ to send a kid to camp!”

Sample Post 3                                                                                 

“Change is up to us. Act today and help me send kids to summer camp! 1) Purchase popcorn from the ACA Illinois Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser, 2) Get delicious popcorn, and 3) Support changing kids' lives by sending them to camp!”

Sample Post 4

“12 hours left to help me and ACA Illinois send kids to camp! 100% of your popcorn purchase that the agency gets helps to make a difference in young people’s lives by giving them a camp experience. Please support me today!”

Sample Post 5

“If you know me, you know me and camp go together like macaroni and cheese, or popcorn and butter. You know what else goes together? Kids and camp! So check out this awesome fundraiser where we use POPCORN and CAMP to change the lives of KIDS!”

Sample Post 6

“Hey Friends: you know what a big impact camp has had on me and my life. ACA Illinois is an awesome agency that helps give kids a camp experience, but with all the state and federal funding challenges they’ve seen this past year, they’ll have to SIGNIFICANTLY decrease the number of kids they send to camp. In an effort to help them continue providing a camp experience to kids in Illinois, I’m asking you to support their Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser by purchasing some popcorn. 100% of all proceeds that ACA Illinois receives goes directly to sending kids to camp. Please buy today!


Some folks in your social circles may ask some questions. Here are some general FAQs about ACA Illinois and the Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser. 

How much of the popcorn profits does ACA Illinois receive from Double Good?

50% of all sales come directly to ACA Illinois. 100% of those profits go towards creating camp opportunities for young people.

Does Double Good ship to Canada?

Unfortunately, Double Good is unable to ship to Canada.

Why Double Good?

As a local Chicagoland company, factory, and warehouse, the sales provide jobs to folks in Illinois, which ultimately contributes to Illinois becoming a stronger and healthier place for kids to grow. Additionally, these sales provide high impact for little cost to ACA Illinois. ACA Illinois does not have to pay any fees or meet any minimums to participate. This means more money goes directly to helping kids. We simply receive 50% of the sales Double Good earns from our event links and sellers.

How many kids does ACA Illinois support each summer?

ACA Illinois sends over 5,000 children to summer camp each year. In the past 50 years alone, we have sent over 250,000 kids to day and overnight camps!

What else does ACA Illinois do to support kids and camps?

ACA Illinois believes that all kids deserve to attend camps that have received the very best training on keeping kids safe, providing quality programs, and addressing the developmental needs of children. In 2020, ACA Illinois provided subsidized and free training last year to over 4,000 camp professionals whose camps couldn’t afford it.

Mailing Address:

American Camp Association, Illinois   I   PO Box 5412, Evanston, IL 60204

Mailing Address:

American Camp Association, Illinois

5 S Wabash Ave

Suite 1406

Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: 312-332-0833



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