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ACA Illinois 4th Annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

The Career Advancement Program

Thursday, 11/16/23 @ 8pm through Monday, 11/20/23 @ 8pm

Are you interested in attending more of ACA Illinois’ locally acclaimed events but lack the financial resources to do so? Here is your chance to raise some funds that will go towards helping you attend awesome events AND send kids to camp!

What is the Career Advancement Program?

The Career Advancement Program is strictly for professionals and aspiring professionals who participate as Sellers in the annual Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser, Friday 11/16/2023 - Monday 11/20/2023 in order to raise funds towards their own professional development. 50% of the Seller’s overall funds raised for ACA Illinois will be credited to their ACA Illinois account.

Double Good is a specialty popcorn company here in Illinois. Folks order through the Seller’s individual link and the popcorn is shipped directly to the purchaser. Seller’s (that’s you!) never have to collect money or worry about shipping. It's Easy Peasy Carmel Cheesy...which is also one of the more popular Double Good Popcorns Flavors! 

Who is Eligible? 

Individuals who wish to raise funds for their own professional development. You do not have to be a member of ACA Illinois to be eligible.

How Do I Participate?

Host an online Pop Up Shop during our 2023 Double Good Fundraiser.

You can find info on how to do that here.

Sales are primarily driven through direct asks by email or social media posts over the course of four days. It’s generally a quick, easy, and fun way to fundraise!

Why Would I Get Involved?

This is a great way to crowdsource funding for your own career and professional development. Plus, while raising funds to credit your own account, you are simultaneously raising funds to send kids to camp through ACA Illinois. It's a Double Win!

How Much Can I Raise?

As much or little as you want. You can go big in your goal and attempt to raise enough funds to cover our larger events like the Women In Camp Summit, or some of our most costly events. You can also choose to raise less funds that will cover things like our Book Clubs, Webinars, and other learning opportunities!

Let's Do the Math

Let’s say you sell $1,000 worth of Popcorn. ACA Illinois will receive $500 in proceeds from Double Good. $250 will go into our “send kids to camp” fund for ACA Illinois, and the other $250 will go into your ACA Illinois account as a credit to be used for event fees.

Funds raised through this program can only be used for ACA Illinois-sponsored events.

Read the Fine Print

Credits for fees raised during the 2023 Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser must be used by 12/31/2024. The credit belongs to the person who raised the funds and is not transferable to other individuals or organizations. This program is only for individuals and not groups or organizations. Credits can only be used towards ACA Illinois events and are not transferable to other companies, organizations, or training venues, including national ACA events.

ACA Illinois Board Members and Staff are not eligible for this program.

How to Sign Up

Step 1: Complete this short form. You’ll get a confirmation email from ACA Illinois within a few days of submitting your form.

Form to complete:

Step 2: Head over to the Seller’s Page and set up your shop!

Please note: Signing up doesn’t mean you are obligated to see this through. You can always back out.

Why not the national ACA or the other affiliates? ACA Illinois is a completely independent organization from the national ACA and the other affiliates. The fundraising from this Double Good Sale is meant to benefit ACA Illinois as a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit.

Mailing Address:

American Camp Association, Illinois   I   PO Box 5412, Evanston, IL 60204

Mailing Address:

American Camp Association, Illinois

5 S Wabash Ave

Suite 1406

Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: 312-332-0833



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